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Posted: 8 June 2009

The bill, proposed after a vicious chimp attack, has died

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF., June 5, 2009 – Animal Defenders International today announce that a bill backed by state Attorney General Richard Blumenthal proposing a ban of wild animal ownership in the state of Connecticut has died in the closing moments of the General Assembly’s regular legislative session.

The bill was proposed following a vicious attack in February on a Stamford, CT woman by a privately owned chimpanzee. The bill would have banned private ownership of gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, kangaroos, wolverines, hyenas, elephants, hippos, alligators, rattlesnakes, cobras, and pythons.

Following the attack, many lawmakers and animal protection agencies called for better legislation aimed at the private ownership of wild animals, especially chimpanzees. Blumenthal spoke of the importance for this bill saying, “the tragic chimp attack, leaving the victim with severe, lifelong injuries, underscored the urgent need to carefully regulate and restrict private possession of wild animals.”
Despite the setback with this bill, Blumenthal remains hopeful as he has promised to continue “fighting for legislation banning dangerous animals."
ADI President Jan Creamer added, “It is tragic that such an important bill has been lost. It is tragic for the wild animals that desperately need protection from private owners who do not have the expertise to care for them adequately, and it is tragedy for public protection. These animals are wild, and do not belong in family homes – they belong with their own families, in their own homes, as nature intended.”
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