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Alexei Sayle supports International Primate Day as animal experiments reach 20 year high

Posted: 28 August 2009. Updated: 28 August 2009


Press release – 28 August 2009 – for immediate release

Comedian Alexei Sayle has offered his support for Animal Defenders International’s (ADI’s) fifth annual International Primate Day, on Tuesday 1st September 2009. The day aims to highlight the plight of laboratory monkeys and put public pressure on European decision makers to curb testing on these animals.

With animal experiments at their highest for over 20 years, ADI is calling for the European Parliament to implement a Europe-wide ban on the use of primates for research. In the coming months, Europe’s Council of Ministers will discuss new rules for the use of animals in laboratories across Europe. Proposals include restrictions of primate experiments and a crackdown on the wild capture of primates by dealers supplying European laboratories.

Alexei Sayle said in support: “Misleading and cruel, primate research is dangerous for us and deadly for other primates. There is no place for the use of primates in research in a civilised society.”

Nearly half of all primate species are either endangered or critically endangered according to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature). Threats include habitat loss, bushmeat trade and trapping in the wild to fuel exotic pet and medical research trade.

ADI investigations in South America have shown wild monkeys being dragged from the trees by trappers, destined for a miserable life of isolation and torment in labs. Western researchers continue to demand the right to use primates for unreliable experiments, allowing this cruel trade to persist, even though alternatives are available.

Jan Creamer, ADI chief executive, said: “Our campaign highlights the cruel and inhumane treatment of primates used in research. These highly intelligent, social animals are kept caged and chained before being subjected to horrendous experiments. Many animals are caught in the wild and can die whilst being transported to laboratories, others are bred solely for use by research centres. Animal experiments are at their highest for over 20 years so we urge the European Parliament to act decisively to implement a Europe-wide ban on the use of primates for research.”

ADI is urging the public and MEPs alike to support its ‘Save the Primates’ campaign by signing an online petition. The campaign features a hard-hitting documentary about the plight of primates in experiments showing wild monkeys being trapped for experiments, inside a laboratory monkey supplier and experiments being performed on conscious monkeys.

Anyone wishing to help can visit the Save the Primates website to view the documentary, download information, sign the new petition, and send a message to Council of Ministers and European Parliament.

For further information on ADI’s Save the Primates campaign, please visit the Save the Primates website.

International Primate Day was founded in 2005 by Animal Defenders International as an alert to four major threats to the survival of non-human primates – bushmeat, laboratory, pet, and entertainment trades.

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