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Bull rampage highlights danger of using animals in films and cruelty of bull runs

Posted: 27 November 2009

Animal Defenders International (ADI) believes the incident in which two people were hurt by bulls on a film set highlights the danger of using animals in entertainment. Two women were injured when the animals collided with them after escaping the set of a new film “Knight and Day” due to star Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

ADI, which campaigns to stop animals being used in films, adverts and the theatre, is urging the two Hollywood stars to reconsider their involvement in this film. ADI has expertise in the use of animals in the entertainment industry and its campaigns have highlighted the deprivation, suffering and welfare issues of these creatures as well as the public safety issues demonstrated by this incident.

The bulls were being used in rehearsals for scenes which imitate the bull run which is held each July in Pamplona, northern Spain. Bull runs are cruel and extremely violent. Crowds of people race before a herd of galloping bulls over cobbled streets to the bullring where they are massacred by matadors.

ADI also fears that even a staged version of the annual event should not be included in a Hollywood film as it could give credibility to this ritual slaughter and mislead the public as to the true nature of these horrendous spectacles across Spain.

The tourist industry is one of the primary sources of support for bullfighting. In order to attract spectators, bull fights are portrayed as traditional, festive and a fair competition between the bull and the matador. However, it is not a fair match as the bull is not given any chance of survival.

Jan Creamer, ADI Chief Executive, said: “We urge Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz to re-think their decision to participate in a film which could glamorise this violent and unnecessary bloodbath. Bullfighting and fiestas where bulls are brutalised and killed by matadors are completely devoid of compassion and have no place in a modern civilised society.”

Bullfighting often takes a central role during festivals and fiestas. During these fiestas, the cows, bulls or calves suffer from the most horrendous acts of cruelty, lasting up to five hours in length; they are eventually stabbed to death in front of cheering crowds.

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