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ADI urges consumers to turn off Homechoice!

Posted: 28 October 2005

On-demand TV ads demand too much of performing animals

Homechoice’s latest TV ad for on-demand TV, has been slated by Animal Defenders International (ADI) for using a performing chimpanzee. As its recent ‘My Mate’s a Primate’ campaign called for an end to performing primates in advertising, ADI is now asking people to cancel their subscriptions to Homechoice.

Throughout its primate campaign, ADI has been urging people to show more compassion for our closest relatives in the animal kingdom. At the same time, Homechoice has been promoting its products with ads using performing dolphins and now, a captive chimpanzee, a species known to share 98% of human genes.

Jan Creamer, Chief Executive of ADI, says: “No matter what happens on the set or is shown on screen, the public have a right to know how severe the training regimes are for apes used in entertainment and how bleak their lives are – caged and chained and deprived of normal social interactions. Primates suffer greatly in this way in the advertising world for the TV and film industries.”

The latest advert depicts a three-year old chimpanzee interacting in a studio room with a researcher and using a picture keyboard, whilst onlookers standing behind an observation panel, say they would rather be at home. In fact, it is a highly trained chimpanzee that is likely to have been separated from its mother and kept in captivity from a very early age. Such deprivation of its own species’ culture is known to lead to abnormal behaviour and stress later in life.

Nick Southall BSc in Animal Biology and spokesperson for Homechoice reports: “The chimp was used for a pre-agreed period of time, two hours maximum, given regular breaks and refreshments and was supervised by its trainer at all times. At no time was the chimp distressed.”

However, ADI has amassed a great deal of evidence to show that animals used in entertainment endure a great deal of hardship, when they should be with their own kind in the wild.

Jan Creamer added: “Our message is simple. If a family brand like Homechoice think it is reasonable to demean primates in this way to promote their services, not to mention causing them such harm, then we must encourage our supporters to boycott Homechoice and their customers to cancel their subscriptions.”

To register a complaint with Homechoice, write to them at: Homechoice Digital Home Network, Video Networks Limited, 205 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4XB.

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