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ADI launches protest against

Posted: 1 November 2005



Animal Defenders International (ADI), with offices in both the US and the UK, is launching a worldwide protest against for its continuing use of chimpanzee actors in television commercials.

The latest CareerBuilder advertisements began filming this week, with chimpanzees owned by California-based animal trainer, Steve Martin.

Many will recall that CareerBuilder has previously aired chimpanzee TV ads during such prime-time US slots as the Super Bowl and, more recently, the premiere of the new season of “Desperate Housewives.”

ADI believes that the public has a right to know that these chimp actors are babies—chimpanzee children who have been ripped from their mothers’ arms to entertain us. ADI also wants to educate the public about the “throw away” lives of these chimp actors. Once their days in front of the camera are over, they are often dumped in roadside zoos, circuses or other substandard facilities. Chimpanzees, such as the ones in the commercials, suffer greatly in the film and television industries. ADI is urging members of the general public to tell the company, “I won’t build my career on animal misery!”

ADI is calling on its US and UK supporters to contact to protest at this ongoing use of chimpanzees in TV advertising. ADI is also contacting the UK partner,, asking that Jobsite no longer affiliate with CareerBuilder until such time as the chimpanzee advertisements are ended.

UK residents: contact by going to and clicking on Contact Us. You may then register your opinion at or

US residents: contact CareerBuilder by going to and clicking on “feedback.” Or write Richard Castellini, Vice President for Marketing, CareerBuilder, Inc., 8420 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue, Suite 1000, Chicago, Illinois 60631. Email:

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