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MEPs debate the world’s biggest ever animal testing programme

Posted: 15 November 2005

Today MEPs in Brussels are debating whether to press ahead with the biggest animal testing programme the world has ever seen.

Last month the EU Environment Committee agreed non-animal testing strategies amending annexes V and VI of REACH (Registration, Evaluation, and Authorisation of Chemicals). Today, the report of the Environment Committee will be debated by MEPs and on Thursday 17th November will be voted on. If the non-animal testing strategies are not adopted, millions of animals will die in subsequent animal testing.

At the weekend, Animal Defenders International (ADI) mobilised over 27,000 of its supporters in the build up to this important vote. Supporters have been urged to send specially printed postcards and other messages to their MEPs, as well as e-cards in protest from the ADI website.

Jan Creamer, ADI’s chief executive says, “This week MEPs will be making a momentous decision. We would all like to see dangerous chemicals removed from the EU, but I do not believe that the aims of the current REACH proposal can be achieved by testing on animals. Animal tests are cruel, inefficient and outdated, and must be replaced by modern, humane non-animal methods.”

ADI has provided MEPs with a comprehensive non-animal testing strategy for REACH; an exposé of the type of laboratory that would perform REACH tests; and a report on acute toxicity tests.

Last month at the EU’s influential Environment Committee, Dr Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP, tabled a host of amendments, of which many were passed - for example, a requirement for non-animal methods to be used in place of animal tests.

ADI believes that to be effective REACH must not rely on old fashioned, inaccurate animal tests, and is calling for:

  • Mandatory data sharing
  • Part of the REACH registration fee to be used to develop additional non-animal tests
  • Existing test data published to prevent duplicate animal testing outside the EU
  • Automatic replacement of animal tests with non-animal methods

Click here to read the executive summary of our submission on acute toxicity testing.

Click here to read our submission on acute toxicity testing.

Click here to read our proposal for an alternative testing strategy.

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