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Congress called on to ban animal circuses as new video reveals animals suffer violence and confineme

Posted: 6 May 2010. Updated: 6 May 2010

Lima, 3rd May, 2010

A new video documentary from Animal Defenders International (ADI) "Unnatural Acts. Stopping the suffering in circuses in Peru," is being screened in the Congress today calling for support for an amendment to the Animal Protection Law number 27265 to ban animal circuses.

The new video contrasts the shocking abuse and confinement of animals in circuses with how the animals would live in nature.

New video footage includes:

  • Horrific abuse of tigers during a secret training session – the tigers performing for Circo Hermanos Gasca are repeatedly beaten and even have stage props hurled at them during the training session.
  • Tigers living in cages on the backs of lorries
  • Monkeys being kept in appalling conditions
  • Elephants chained and being punched and hit

Juan Pablo Olmos, ADI Campaign Coordinator for South America, says: “This video shows how unnatural animal circuses are and the physical abuse and confinement the animals ensure. The film confirms that despite the public outrage over recent years to the abuse of circus animals, their treatment remains the same. The only way to stop the suffering is to ban the use of animals in circuses. We urge members of Congress to watch our video and to support the amendment to ban animal circuses.”

He added “The draft law, to bans circuses using animals, has been on the waiting list for discussion in plenary for over year now since being approved by the Agricultural Commission. Our video shows that animals are continuing to suffer, so we urge Congress to act now and end the cruelty.”

"Lima is the city with the largest number of complaints and penalties for the illegal trafficking of circus animals, and elsewhere in the country the situation is becoming more critical, especially in cities like Lambayeque, Arequipa and Ica.”

ADI believes there is overwhelming support amongst the public for a ban and that several government organisations have expressed support for the ban including the National Health Service (SENASA), the National Institute of Natural Resources (INRENA) and the Board of Directors of Las Leyendas Park. Their own research concurs with that of ADI.

ADI will be involving more of the Peruvian public through distribution of information and the use of social networks on the internet and urging them to report cruelty and to urge Congress to support the ban.

The new video also stresses ADI support for circuses without animals and says that this is the safe, cruelty-free alternative that offers more employment to people.

Olmos concludes: “Animal circuses are a relic of the past, from a time when people did not know how animals should be treated and when there was a casual disregard of public safety. Today, we know better. That is why countries like Austria, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Portugal and others have implemented bans on animal circuses, and why currently the Congresses in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, the UK and Greece are all considering bans on animals circuses. Peru was the first country in South America to propose such a ban and we sincerely hope Peru will be the next to implement this progressive legislation.”


Animal Defenders International has offices in South America, Europe and the USA and works on international, national and local initiatives to end the suffering of animals. Stop Circus Suffering is a global campaign from ADI.

The amendment to Peru’s Animal Protection Law number 27265 to ban animal circuses was initiated by Congressman Mr. José Antonio Urquizo Maggia of the Nationalist Party and Congressman Mr. Alejandro Arturo Rebaza Martell of the Peruvian APRISTA Party

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