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ADI Urges MPs to Defend Ban on Hunting

Posted: 6 July 2010. Updated: 6 July 2010


Animal Defenders International is today restating its support for the Hunting Act, which outlaws hunting with dogs.

Despite overwhelming public support for a ban on hunting with dogs, the UK Government has stated it intends to vote on whether it should be repealed – a move which would not only overturn protection for Britain’s wildlife, but also fly in the face of public consensus. Organisations such as the RSPCA, IFAW and the League Against Cruel Sports have condemned the move, stating they will vigorously defend the existing legislation.

ADI remains staunchly opposed to the cruel practice of hunting fox, deer, hare and mink with dogs, and are urging Members of Parliament to oppose any repeal of the Act.

ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer said:

“Hunting defenseless animals with dogs is a barbaric practice, and one which the vast majority of the public agree should remain a thing of the past. It would be an outrage if protection were stripped away from these animals, who now find themselves under threat from the small minority for whom entertainment is more important than animal welfare.

It is the responsibility of MPs to stand firm, recognise the weight of public support for this ban, and oppose any repeal of the Hunting Act”

ADI is calling on its supporters to contact their MPs to express their support for the Hunting Act, and to urge them to protect Britain’s wildlife from cruel hunting practices, which bring shame on our society.


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