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ADI Investigation on the Colombian Animal Circus Industry Results in Rescue of Chimpanzees

Posted: 20 August 2010. Updated: 20 August 2010

Colombian Authorities Sanction Infamous Animal Circus

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2010 - The Colombian Ministry of Environment has confirmed a resolution produced earlier this year to sanction Martin Fuentes Gasca, owner of Circo Gasca, and Pedro Alfonso Villaraga, representative of the company PROTEQUEM, for the breach of environmental legislation. These sanctions result from an investigation launched by the Ministry based on evidence submitted by Animal Defenders International (ADI).

ADIís investigation on the use of animals in Colombian circuses revealed staggering levels of violence and abuse involving a female chimpanzee named Karla, who was punched in the face and beaten with a chain by her trainer and a male chimpanzee named Panchito who was also beaten by his trainer. ADIís footage showed the frightened animals screaming throughout the attacks. The investigation also showed the animals living in inadequate, deprived and unnatural conditions. The stress of severe confinement, a consistent factor with travelling animal circuses all over the world, is shown to be compounded by the lack of space to exercise or exhibit natural behavior as well as a lack of social interaction with their own species.

After ADIís exposť, the chimps Karla and Panchito were quickly donated by the circuses to zoos. However, the Ministry confirmed that the donations of these chimps to Colombian zoos did not follow the legal procedures established by Decree 1608 of 1978, which regulates environmental issues in the country. Likewise, the Ministry found that the circus and PROTEQUEM did not have the animals branded properly, which is also a violation of environmental legislation. As a result, the Ministry imposed a fine upon PROTEQUEM and the Gasca Circus of COP$19m (nearly £6500).

In 2009, ADI headed an investigation in Bolivia that lead to that countryís ban of the use of animals in circuses. The group subsequently rescued four lions, which were rehomed to the PAWS sanctuary in San Andreas, California. As a part of ADIís ongoing campaign to end the suffering of animals in circuses, legislation is currently being discussed in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

With new offices in Los Angeles, ADI has expanded its efforts to end circus animal suffering through a grassroots campaign of public education and leafleting. In its continued communication with the Colombian government, ADI hopes to persuade lawmakers to hand the chimps over so that they may be brought to safety and possibly rehomed in the U.S.

ADIís Chief Executive, Jan Creamer, said: ďWe are pleased that ADIís investigation on the Colombian Circus industry prompted the Colombian Ministry of Environment to take decisive legal action. This decision is not only fair but it also sets a strong precedent that shows that animal circuses are no longer outside the scope of the law. The images of Karla being punched and beaten and her sheer terror are haunting, and the decision of the Ministry is a step in the right direction to put an end to this abuse.Ē


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