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ADI Encourages Ban on use of Circus Animals Following Latest Lion Trainer Mauling

Posted: 6 October 2010

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2010 -- Animal Defenders International (ADI), the leading animal welfare organization that works globally for the protection of animals, speaks out following a recent incident in the Ukraine in which an animal trainer was attacked and badly mauled. ADI believes such attacks continue to demonstrate the dangers of using wild animals in circuses for entertainment and is working towards a worldwide ban on the use of animals in circuses for entertainment.

The incident captured on video by a terrified onlooker shows lions mauling and seriously injuring a circus trainer during a display. At one point, one of the lions almost leaps out of the net surrounding the ring and into the crowd.

Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International said, “Sadly, attacks like these are not rare occurrences, and further justify why a worldwide ban on wild animals in circuses is necessary and long overdue.

“Around the world, circus workers and members of the public have been killed and maimed by circus animal attacks. This incident highlights the dangers of having wild animals in public shows and in such close proximity to the public.

“Animals will always be unpredictable and they should not be forced to perform in circuses as they suffer violence and confinement, which can lead them to strike back against their human handlers, as this incident graphically shows.”

Animal Defenders International believes that animals such as lions, elephants, tigers and bears and lions have no place in traveling circuses, and are leading a worldwide campaign to ‘Stop Circus Suffering’ ( and ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

ADI has just helped secure a ban on both wild and domestic animals in circuses in Bolivia and rehomed four lions to the Unites States and a Hamadryas baboon to the U.K.

National measures to prohibit or limit the use of animals in circuses have also been adopted in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Singapore, Bolivia, Costa Rica, India and Israel. Similar laws are being discussed in Brazil, Chile, Norway, Peru and Greece.

Creamer added, “Ending the use of wild animals in circuses will remain our top priority, and we are spurred on by incidents such as this which clearly demonstrate the unsuitability of wild animals to the circus environment.

“People should not forget that these are not domesticated animals. Wild animals have not been bred over generations to be compliant and their wild nature can make them unpredictable.

“We now need to bring to an end these draconian, cruel, restrictive, and totally unnatural circus environments. ADI is ready, willing and able to help with the eradication of the use of wild animals in circuses worldwide and assist in the rescue and rehoming of any of the animals as a result of a ban.”

ADI is leading the campaign to end the suffering of animals in entertainment and currently has major campaigns running in Europe, South America, and the USA.

If you are interested in supporting ADI‘s campaign and would like further information please go to: to find out how you can play your part and help bring about a worldwide wild animals in circuses ban.

A link to the attack can be found at the following link. Viewer discretion is advised.

Animal Defenders International (ADI)
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