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ADI Wants to Know Why SeaWorld Orcas are Dying Prematurely

Posted: 6 October 2010. Updated: 6 October 2010

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 5, 2010 -- Animal Defenders International (ADI), Animal Defenders International (ADI), the leading animal welfare organization that works globally for the protection of animals, is distressed to learn that within a month of the death of ‘Sumar’, a young captive orca who died in captivity at a SeaWorld facility in San Diego, ‘Kalina’, a young female orca has now died at the Orlando theme park.

According to SeaWorld, 25-year old Kalina died on Monday, October 4 after a sudden illness. Kalina was SeaWorld’s first successful birth in the park’s breeding program, and in 2004 gave birth to her fourth calf.

Jan Creamer, President of LA-based Animal Defenders International said that the death of Kalina now meant that three killer whales had died at SeaWorld this year alone.

“These losses are totally unacceptable and avoidable. When will SeaWorld finally realize that the unnatural existence of these wonderful creatures in their facilities is devastating the very animals that they claim to care for?

“Yet again SeaWorld creates another casualty for captive orcas with the premature death of Kalina, who now joins Sumar who died just last month at a SeaWorld facility in San Diego at the tender, premature age of 12.
“When will SeaWorld realize what we have always known - if you keep these magnificent, intelligent, sociable creatures isolated in pools barely big enough to hold them, with little or no normal stimulation or natural interaction, and get them to entertain people like clowns, then the stress, frustration and boredom will drive them to an early grave – it really is as simple as that.

“These captive whales are paying far too high a price for entertainment and SeaWorld surely must now do the right thing by those still held captive and release them back into the wild, having reconditioned them to do so.” Creamer added.

These two premature deaths follow the case of Tilly, who tragically killed his trainer earlier this year. He has spent 25 years in captivity and Animal Defenders International believes that his attack was a clear indication that he was suffering from frustration and from a severely deprived environment. The premature deaths of Sumar and now Kalina points toward stress and desperation.

ADI has collected evidence that the use of wild animals such as these in captivity causes psychological suffering and extreme physical and mental effects.

Creamer said: “In the wild orcas live in large, complex family groups, roaming around 200kms in a day, hunting, playing, interacting with their own species and they are the kings and queens of their kingdom.

“Compare that existence to a life spent isolated in a tiny tank, eating the same diet, being forced to breed and doing the same thing day after day for 25 years. Is it really any wonder that these wonderful animals are dying so prematurely?

“All these cases provide conclusive examples as to why orcas should not be kept in captivity for entertainment.”
Animal Defenders International is now asking people to ram home the message to SeaWorld to ensure that these majestic creatures did not die in vain. Go to where you can get all the facts about their Free Tilly campaign.

Judge for yourself, sign the pledge and send a message to SeaWorld to let them know that you refuse to endorse the use of captive marine mammals in entertainment and do all you can to help free Tilly by raising awareness of the issues surrounding the keeping of marine mammals in captivity for entertainment.

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