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ADI and Meg Matthews say for ‘furs sake’, ditch the fur

Posted: 8 November 2010

As the colder weather approaches and out comes the winter wardrobe, Animal Defenders International (ADI), the leading animal welfare organisation that works globally for the protection of animals, is highlighting the plight of the 50 million wild animals killed in fur farms each year for the sake of fashion, as part of their ’Fur their sake – make it fake’ campaign.
Jan Creamer, ADI’s Chief Executive said that the primary purpose of the campaign was to make designers and consumers fully aware of the pain and suffering that goes into every coat, and promote the wealth of alternatives on the market.
“The imitation furs are warm, fun, and a better option to pieces of dead animals – they are a fraction of the cost and animals have not suffered in their production, so to us, it really is a no brainer,” Jan said.
“We are calling on designers and consumers who are thinking of using fur to go to our website to find out more and read our report ‘Bloody Harvest – The real cost of fur’, and then make an informed decision, and we’re pretty sure we know what that decision will be once they are aware of the facts.
“Worldwide a staggering 50 million animals are killed annually in the name of fashion for their fur, but this is totally unnecessary, as was the use of real fur that we noticed in the recent autumn fashion collections,”
said Jan.
In 2010 Animal Defenders International published their comprehensive report of the intensive fur industry, following a seven month undercover study of numerous sites in Finland, a primary producer and exporter of animal pelts around the world.
Over 40% of fur sales in the UK are sourced from Finland and up to 15-20 foxes suffer and die to make a fur coat. Up to 60-80 mink suffer and die for a mink coat.
Jan said: “The evidence contained within this report is overwhelming. These poor, wretched animals are kept in tiny, wire mesh cages, suffer from injuries and physical deformities, and behavioural abnormalities indicative of psychological damage and it is inevitable that they suffer terribly.
“Their short, miserable lives are spent in squalid surroundings full of fear and distress, and these animals are effectively wild, so in addition to their poor health and welfare, their mental and emotional suffering is compounded in what is effectively an intensive farming environment, geared towards domesticated animals.
“The way that they are executed is inhumane in the extreme as they are gassed, electrocuted or have their necks broken, so a horrific death awaits them at the end of a life of appalling suffering.
“We are confident that we can influence designers and potential consumers to ditch the fur and go with one of the other alternatives on the market, as once they are aware of the full facts of this cruel production line, then they will not buy the products,”
Jan said.
Meg Mathews, celebrity designer and Animal Defenders International supporter said that the wearing of animal fur was now totally unacceptable when you consider what cruelty goes into making a fur coat.
Meg said: “I find the wearing of fur extremely distasteful and with so many imitation products on the market now there really is no excuse for people to support this cruel trade.
“I think if people knew the way that these animals were reared and slaughtered they would have no hesitation in saying no to fur. Designers, if you are considering using fur in your clothing lines and potential purchasers, if you are thinking of buying a fur coat, please go to ADI’s website first so you are aware of the facts.
“I’m sure that once you know, you will ditch the idea and go down a far more humane route.”

In their natural habitat mink inhabit a variety of wetlands and swim daily and foxes establish home ranges of at least 400 hectares and live a lot of their lives underground.
It is quite clear that the small spaces and exposed conditions on a fur farm do not allow the animals to express their normal behaviours and exposes them to a great deal of stress.
ADI want people who wear fur to be fully aware of the way in which the product they are wearing has been reared and killed, and for designers to become more engaged in scrutinising the source of their products by inspecting the conditions of the animals being bred and killed for the material they desire, going beyond industry assurances that their products have been ethically produced.
Jan said: “If you chose to use or wear fur then you need to be fully aware of the facts, and there really is no excuse for supporting an industry which causes such extreme suffering. If you design with real fur, or wear it, you have to take responsibility for the way it has been produced.
“This is a wealthy industry, yet it appears that none of this wealth has been invested back into animal welfare.
“It is time for all fur farming to be banned and we urge consumers to continue to turn their backs on fur, and we urge that the fashion industry does the same.”

Animal Defenders International is also asking its supporters and those with an interest in animal welfare to raise the profile of the campaign amongst family, friends and acquaintances, so that fur farming will be banned worldwide, once and for all.
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England and Wales established a ban on fur farming in 2000, followed by the introduction of a ban in Scotland in 2001. However, in other parts of Europe and the rest of the world fur production remains rife.
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