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Anne the elephant: a message to supporters wishing to follow the Bobby and Moira Roberts trial

Posted: 15 November 2011. Updated: 21 November 2011

From Jan Creamer, Chief Executive

As many of our supporters will have seen in the news, the trial of Bobby and Moira Roberts on charges under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, over the treatment of the circus elephant Anne, is imminent. The initial hearing has now been moved to 1st December.

Since gathering and releasing the evidence, ADI has worked for many months with legal teams and independent counsel, putting the case together, preparing the evidence, securing expert testimony and finally placing the case before magistrates. We have also spent much time talking with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and pressing them to take the case. We are pleased that the CPS has now taken it up and although they will be running the case, the ADI team will continue to provide support on presentation of evidence and provide witnesses.

We’ve received a number of calls at the ADI office about the trial, and while we appreciate the public strength of feeling and people’s desire to show their support for this prosecution as well as their concern for all animals in circuses, we urge our supporters and members of the public alike, not to demonstrate at this time. We also ask that people take no action that might be seen as an attempt to exert pressure. In this particular situation, protesting will not bring justice for Anne. We are recommending that, at this time, the legal process be allowed to run its course.

ADI will be attending the trial and continue to provide regular updates online and elsewhere. So please stay in touch on this important case. The first trial of a circus under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

Thank you for your concern for Anne, and for all animals in circuses.

Please remember that Anne’s plight would never have come to light without the brave efforts of our undercover investigators. Please ensure we are there when there is no one else, help keep us exposing and ending the suffering with a donation.


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