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ADI and NAVS remember Tony Banks

Posted: 11 January 2006


Lord Stratford, formerly Tony Banks, MP was a fervent animal welfare enthusiast and supported ADI and the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) in many of our campaigns.

In 2004 he helped ADI to get the proposed construction of a primate laboratory by Cambridge University abandoned and even wrote to Tony Blair about the campaign. The EDM* he tabled for us in the House of Commons at the time congratulated those who had campaigned against the planned laboratory, believing that the use of primates for medical experiments was immoral, unethical and repugnant and called for such experiments to be made unlawful. He went on record to say: I do not believe that any experiments on animals are justified.

Throughout his political career, Tony was an active and vociferous campaigner for animals, attending and speaking at the massive Lab Animal Day rallies organised by the NAVS in the early 1990s. He stated: the way forward for medical science is through new, sophisticated, non-animal techniques - to study spontaneous disease in people, not to study artificial disease in animals.

He also backed the ADI campaign to end the abuse of animals in circuses, he spoke at the press conference in 1993, when we first launched our Circus Madness campaign on HMS President, and supported the campaign as it grew and progressed. He said on the subject in debate in the House of Commons: I dont believe human beings should be entertained by cruelty to animals. It is tragic that at a stage when we are at last within touching distance of a ban on the use of animals in circuses, Tony Banks will not be there to help steer it through.

Tony Banks played a vital role in some of great parliamentary advances for animal protection in the last decade: the ban on fur farming, the end of cosmetics tests on animals, and the prohibition of hunting with hounds. He will be sorely missed by ADI and NAVS and all our supporters, who will remember him as one of the most prominent voices for animal welfare in Parliament.
(* Early Day Motion)

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