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Motion tabled in Scottish Parliament calling for end of wild animals in circuses

Posted: 7 March 2012. Updated: 7 March 2012

As pressure mounts for the British Parliament to ban the use of wild animals in circuses sooner rather than later, a motion has been introduced into the Scottish Parliament calling for such a ban.

Christine Grahame MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale, today tabled this motion in the Scottish Parliament:

“That the Parliament believes that there is no place in a modern Scotland for circuses that feature captive wild animals whose lives involve performing unnatural tricks for public entertainment and who undergo constant travel, confinement and a lack of companionship with their own species; considers that this represents a long-outdated understanding of animals and their needs; notes that, although the timescale for introducing such a ban is unclear, the UK Government has made a commitment to ban the use of wild animals in travelling circuses in England; is concerned that developments in England could encourage travelling circuses with wild animals to relocate to Scotland, and urges the Scottish Government to, as soon as possible, make a clear, timetabled commitment to ban from Scotland travelling circuses with wild animals.”

Tim Phillips, Animal Defenders International (ADI) Campaigns Director: “Whilst Defra prevaricate in England, we are urging the Scottish Parliament and Northern Ireland Assembly to press ahead and ban the use of wild animals in circuses. Constantly travelling from place to place, and living almost the entire year in temporary accommodation, the welfare of these animals is inevitably compromised.”

“There is also the shocking violence that ADI has exposed during our investigations of the training and control of these animals. That abuse is something that Defra’s regulatory regime will never address. Behind the scenes it will be business as usual for circuses with a veneer of respectability supplied by Defra. That is why the public want to see a ban.”

Last year ADI caught on film the horrifying abuse of Anne the elephant with Bobby Roberts Super Circus. Anne was permanently chained up and beaten. The public outrage led to Anne being removed from the circus. Anne was one of the last wild animals to visit Scotland and ADI hopes that she is the last.

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