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Stella McCartney slams London pub serving camel & llama

Posted: 6 February 2006


Well-known animal lover and ADI supporter, Stella McCartney has slammed the Westbourne Park-based Grand Union pub for putting camel and llama on the menu. The pub has been serving camel pies with using Australian camels and a llama dish with llama meats from South America. As llamas are seasonal, next week will see zebra meat on the menu.

Stella McCartney was outraged: “What’s cool and gastronomic about eating camels and llama? In this day and age, I am shocked that people still act in such a medieval way, they should be ashamed of themselves.. Lawrence of Arabia would be rolling in his grave if he knew about it.”

Celebrity TV chef and another ADI supporter, James Martin, who recently featured in Strictly Come Dancing, said: “Eating camel and llama meat is not a particularly gastronomic experience, let alone zebra. This is a cynical marketing ploy to make the headlines out of defenceless wild animals. In a civilised society, we should be encouraging people to conserve our wildlife not eat it into extinction.”

ADI has been campaigning to stop the practice of bushmeat in areas round the world where deforestation is taking place and exposing the wildlife to ruthless hunters who exploit it for gain. ADI also lobbies for the conservation of their environment which is being ravaged for timber, palm oil, coltan (for mobile phones) and other products.

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