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Zebra pulled from club promotion following protests

Posted: 27 April 2012

An Oxford nightclub planning to use a zebra to promote its club night has cancelled its booking following objections from campaigners and local residents.

Billed as the ‘Biggest May Day Party in Oxford’, the event organisers brazenly bragged of the inclusion of a ‘real life zebra’ to promote their ‘Zoo at Carbon’ club night.

Animal Defenders International was contacted by the media and gave comment.

As awareness about the event grew, so did the opposition, and yesterday afternoon the club announced that due to “local objections” and “animal rights opposition” they had decided to cancel the zebra, replacing the animal with “two of the best fire performers in the country”.

Animal Defenders International is delighted that the organisers have come to their senses and cancelled this ludicrous publicity stunt.

A club is no environment for any animal, where there would have been a large crowd of people, extremely high levels of noise and bright lights. These conditions would have clearly been detrimental to the zebra, and would have caused physical and mental discomfort and stress.
Animal Defenders International is fully supportive of creative advertising but this should not include the use of live animals, which have no choice in the matter. The use of animals in entertainment has no place in a civilised, forward thinking society.


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