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Circus animal ban for Northern Ireland?

Posted: 9 March 2006

Yesterday Defra Minister Ben Bradshaw announced to the House of Commons that a ban on the use of certain wild animals was being planned for the UK under the Animal Welfare Bill.

Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Mark Pritchard has asked: What changes are proposed to animal welfare legislation in Northern Ireland; and if the Minister will make a statement.

On Tuesday a dramatic billboard, organised by Animal Defenders International (ADI) calling for a ban on the use of wild animals toured Belfast before moving on today to Dublin. This is part of a global campaign by ADI to end the use of animals in travelling circuses. In Ireland ADI are working with the Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN) to promote the campaign.

Tim Phillips, Campaigns Director of ADI: “This is wonderful news from Parliament and we are now waiting with bated breath for confirmation that the prohibition on wild animals in circuses will be effective in Northern Ireland – we can see no reason not to implement a ban here. We have always had a very positive response to our campaigns from people in Northern Ireland, and already councils in Belfast and Moyle have banned animal circuses from their land.

“The simple fact is that travelling from place to place, with limited space and long periods on transporters animal welfare will always be compromised in travelling circuses. We are delighted that Defra have acknowledged this fundamental problem.””

ADI’s undercover investigations in the UK are widely credited with turning public opinion against the use of animals in circuses and leading ultimately to Defra’s statement today. Last year the group released the findings of investigations into circuses touring Ireland. The Irish findings included video of an elephant being kicked and punched and a camel being hit across the face with a broomhandle.

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Or in Ireland, ARAN:
John Carmody,
National Events Organiser, Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN),
PO Box 722, Kildare, Ireland
Tel: +353 87 62 75579

* Nearly 300 local authorities in the UK have banned animal circuses from their land. Around Europe many cities from Croatia to Patras in Greece have banned animal acts. Globally, Singapore, Costa Rica and Bogota in Colombia have all banned wild animal acts from circuses after reviewing ADI evidence.
* Due to undercover video evidence from ADI, Moyle District Council continues to ban animal circuses from council grounds as it does not endorse the extreme cruelty and suffering inflicted upon circus animals.

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