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Bogotá, Colombia, bans bullfighting

Posted: 15 June 2012


The Mayor of Bogotá has announced that bullfighting will no longer be allowed in Colombia’s capital city, following a campaign by Animal Defenders International (ADI) and other local groups, highlighting the suffering involved.

Mayor Gustavo Petro has stated that he will end bullfighting after bullfight organisers Taurine Corporation refused to agree that animals would not be killed during the fights, a condition made by the city, if the events were to continue.

Jan Creamer, Chief Executive of ADI, said: "ADI congratulates the Mayor and his District Development team for this commendable decision which creates a broad framework for the protection of animals in Bogotá. Every city in the world should follow this lead; animal suffering for human entertainment is not acceptable in modern society. “

Meanwhile Taurine Corporation has threatened legal action to try to overturn the decision.

Eduardo Peña, ADI representative to Colombia, said: "We are close to seeing an end to bullfighting in Bogotá, thanks to cultural and social change and the political will of leaders such as Mayor Gustavo Petro."

It is envisaged that the Plaza La Santamaría – where bullfights are currently held – and the surrounding area will develope into a cultural hub.

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District of Bogotá Development Plan
The Development Plan is a roadmap for the next four years of Mayor Petro’s administration and can be viewed here (in Spanish).

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