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Latest amendment to Animal Welfare Bill looks set to create a virtual ban of animals in circuses

Posted: 9 March 2006

Although Animal Defenders International (ADI) welcomes the UK Government’s movement on the issue of travelling circus animals within the Animal Welfare Bill, ADI believes that the Government’s proposal will be difficult for industry and public to understand, leaving the welfare of many animals with travelling circuses unprotected.

ADI chief executive Jan Creamer said “ADI is supporting the amendment to the Animal Welfare Bill laid down by MP Shona McIsaac, which provides a simple solution and will be presented on 14th March on the floor of the House of Commons, at the 3rd Reading of the Bill.”

This amendment provides for:

  • No animals to be used in a travelling circus, except where the Secretary of State provides an exemption for particular species, based on the ability of the circus to provide for the welfare needs of the animals concerned. This would allow the Secretary of State to exempt species such as dogs and horses, for example, provided the circus industry can demonstrate its competence in terms of welfare.
  • That all circus winter quarters (or permanent training centres) be drawn under the UK’s Zoo Licensing Act, and subject to the regulations and standards of accommodation and welfare provided for under that Act.

ADI is asking all supporters to contact their MP and to contact Defra minister Ben Bradshaw, to support this amendment.

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