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ADI disappointed that licensing system is to go ahead, despite plans for wild animal circus ban

Posted: 12 July 2012. Updated: 4 July 2014

Animal Defenders International is disappointed that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs is still pressing ahead with a licensing scheme for wild animals in travelling circuses, despite its plans to publish draft legislation for its promised ban, the introduction of which is now likely to be delayed by at least a year.

In its Out of Control report, ADI has shown that inspections fail to detect animal suffering in circuses. Also, in a recently released inspection report for the Great British Circus, multiple welfare issues were highlighted. The report was obtained by ADI following a Freedom of Information Act request to Defra for access to circus inspection reports.

MPs have become impatient with the delays by Defra ministers over this simple issue, which enjoys support from 95% of the public. Member of Parliament Thomas Docherty, supported by MPs Mary Glindon, Angela Smith, Iain McKenzie, Andy Slaughter, Susan Elan Jones and Jim Fitzpatrick has thrown down the gauntlet to the Government, with the launch of a new Bill on Wild Animals in Circuses.

ADI believes that it makes no sense to institute a system of licensing and is urging the Government to ban wild animals in circuses immediately.


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National measures to restrict either all or wild animals in circuses, have been adopted in:
Austria, Bosnia Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Slovakia, Sweden, Portugal, Taiwan, Singapore, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Costa Rica, India and Israel. Similar laws are being discussed in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Malta, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Norway.

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