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Oregon Zoo Secures Ownership of Baby Elephant Lily

Posted: 26 February 2013. Updated: 11 March 2013

February 11, 2013, LOS ANGELES, CA– Following a hard-fought campaign in the media by Animal Defenders International (ADI), the Oregon Zoo has finally voided the ownership agreement of baby elephant Lily, and purchased her and her father, Tusko, for $400,000, from owners Have Trunk Will Travel (HTWT), where ADI filmed elephants being beaten and electric shocked with stun guns. This ends the original breeding loan agreement and ensures any future calves belong to the zoo.

Baby elephant Lily was born at the Oregon Zoo on November 30, 2012 as part of a 2005 breeding contract between the zoo and Have Trunk Will Travel, owners of the father, Tusko. The contract gave ownership of the second, fourth and sixth offspring of zoo-owned mother Rose-Tu and Tusko. One of these offspring is Lily.

Animal Defenders was immediately concerned, wrote to Oregon Zoo Director Kim Smith, calling on the zoo to rescind this agreement, and released undercover footage exposing Have Trunk Will Travel’s abusive elephant training practices.

Jan Creamer, ADI President: “We are delighted that the Oregon Zoo has listened to our concerns, and those of the public, about the future of this baby elephant while there was a chance that she could have been claimed at any time, by her legal owners, Have Trunk Will Travel. This arrangement secures this baby’s future, and that of other offspring from Tusko.”

“We were appalled at the prospect of Lily being handed over to Have Trunk Will Travel, considering the abuse seen on our video, and are pleased the Oregon Zoo took measures to rescind the agreement and secure ownership of Lily, her father Tusko, and any future offspring.”

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