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Nevada County Fair Board to hear evidence of cruelty to elephants

Posted: 2 July 2013. Updated: 2 July 2013

June 17, 2013, GRASS VALLEY, CA – Animal Defenders International (ADI) has sent a video to Nevada County Fair Board members showing elephants used for rides at the fair being beaten and electric shocked with stun guns during training at the Perris, CA, premises of Have Trunk Will Travel.

The video, No Fun for Elephants, is narrated by award-winning TV host Bob Barker and the Board is being asked by ADI and a coalition of local animal groups led by the Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE) to cancel the rides at this year’s show.

Bob Barker: “To many, it looks like harmless fun, but elephants pay a heavy price for the few minutes of entertainment they provide when giving rides. Isn’t it especially tragic when animals are suffering and being abused simply to entertain us?”

Jan Creamer, ADI President: “We believe that once people see how these animals suffer behind the scenes in order to make them quiet for rides, they will not endorse such cruelty. We hope that the Fair Board will look at the evidence and make the compassionate choice, and end the elephant rides at Nevada County Fair.”

This Thursday, June 20, 2013, ADI Campaigns Director Matt Rossell will discuss the evidence of Have Trunk Will Travel’s brutality to performing elephants at the Nevada County Fair Board Meeting. Copies of the No Fun for Elephants DVD have been sent to Fair Board members and will be available before and after the meeting.

ADI Presents Elephant Abuse Evidence at Nevada County Fair Board Meeting
Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 4:00pm
Boardroom of the Nevada County Fairgrounds
11228 McCourtney Road
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Elephant rides have recently been abandoned by several events after boards viewed the evidence, including Orange County and Los Angeles County Fairs, the city of Fountain Valley, CA, and Santa Ana Zoo.

Shelley Frost, Program Manager, Center for Animal Protection & Education (CAPE) “When the County Fair Board and the public finds out about the routine abuses that go on behind the scenes at elephant rides, they will be shocked and will not want to expose themselves or their children to this cruelty.”


Film and photographs of animals in circuses are available from ADI.

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At event: Matt Rossell, ADI Campaigns Director, 503-890-5151

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ADI’s Undercover Investigation of Animal Trainers Have Trunk Will Travel
Animal Defenders International released shocking footage from our 8-week undercover investigation of Have Trunk Will Travel, where elephants used in the movies Water for Elephants, Zookeeper, Britney Spears’ circus video and many other ads, shows and live performances were trained. The footage shows the animals being beaten and electric shocked with stun guns to perform the tricks seen in the movies and other performances, including:

  • Have Trunk Will Travel owners and trainers using stuns guns and beating animals with bull hooks
  • Have Trunk Will Travel boss Kari Johnson viciously striking an elephant
  • A baby elephant being hit over the head and dragged by the trunk
  • Elephants chained by the legs barely able to take one step back and forward (the elephants were being chained from 6:30pm to 6:30am, 12 hours a day)

Click here to see the footage.

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