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Brian Blessed to join ADI Films at ‘Lion Ark’ World Premiere

Posted: 10 September 2013. Updated: 10 September 2013

ADI Films is delighted to announce that legendary actor Brian Blessed will be introducing the world premiere of ‘Lion Ark’ at the Raindance Film Festival. The screening will take place on October 1st, 4pm at Vue Piccadilly, London.

‘Lion Ark’ follows the world’s most ambitious and daring animal rescue which begins with a shocking undercover investigation and leads to a ban on animal circuses in Bolivia; when the circuses defy the law, the team behind the investigation returns, tracking down the illegal circuses and saving every animal.

Director Tim Phillips sets the scene: “The circuses were spread all over this beautiful, remote country – about the size of Texas and California combined – none was willing to give up their animals. There was no infrastructure – no facilities, communications, no sanctuary or animal hospital.”

All aspects of the remarkable rescue operation were recorded and ‘Lion Ark’ is meticulously compiled from film, interviews, conversations and the reactions of participants as events unfold. The confrontations, heartache and incredible risks the rescue team face are all captured before a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom in Colorado. Tim Phillips says that it was “a painstaking, but worthwhile, process.”

‘Lion Ark’ is an uplifting story of bravery, compassion, camaraderie and determination – how a poor but proud country said “no” to cruelty and how attitudes to animals were changed across an entire continent.

The rescue was backed by Emmy award-winning TV host Bob Barker and ADI Ambassador and CSI actress Jorja Fox, both of whom appear in the film. Bob Barker’s support enabled the rescue team to empty Bolivia of its suffering circus animals and build homes for them in the US.

Bookings for the ‘Lion Ark’ premiere can be made via the Raindance/Vue ticket office on 08712 240242. Tickets are priced £8.00. A Q&A with the filmmakers and rescue team will take place after the screening.

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