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Jorja Fox hosts Lion Ark US Premiere at Mill Valley Film Festival

Posted: 7 October 2013. Updated: 7 October 2013

October 6, 2013: ADI Ambassador and CSI star Jorja Fox last night gave a special introduction to the United States Premiere of action-documentary Lion Ark, at the Mill Valley Film Festival. The Lion Ark USA premiere sold out the 300 seat CinéArts Sequoia Theatre, near San Francisco, after selling out at Raindance Film Festival, London earlier this week.

Jorja Fox: "Lion Ark is an amazing film, a wonderful action adventure about rescuing animals that will lift your spirits. Lion Ark shows just how much can achieved when people come together."

Known to 73 million viewers worldwide for her role as Sara Sidle in TV’s CSI, Jorja Fox is an ADI Ambassador and as well as appearing in the film her company Seafox Productions is an Associate Producer of Lion Ark. Jorja says of the moving story, “What I didn’t realize, was that it was going to be an extraordinary story about the human spirit and what the human spirit can do when people come together.”

Jorja witnessed the first steps of the lions on grass after their incredible 3,000 mile journey to safety during the film’s dramatic finale, noting “These animals are perhaps the world’s most fearsome and feared predators and that night it was so gentle and tender.”

Lion Ark Director Tim Phillips: “Jorja welcomed the Lion Ark lions as they touched down in Colorado, making her the perfect host for the US premiere of Lion Ark. Jorja’s passion for saving animals from circuses shines through in Lion Ark film and shone through again during her introduction to the film at its Mill Valley premiere.”

Made more in the style of an action adventure than traditional documentary, Lion Ark follows an ambitious and daring animal rescue. A shocking undercover exposé leads Bolivia to ban animal circuses. But the circuses defy the law and the Animal Defenders International (ADI) team behind the investigation returns to track them down, enforce the law and save the animals. For more information, please visit

Lion Ark screens at San Diego film festival today and opens at Hawaii International Film Festival on Saturday.



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