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Happy 90th Birthday Bob Barker from Animal Defenders International

Posted: 11 December 2013. Updated: 11 December 2013

On Thursday, December 12, 2013, multi-award winning, TV legend Bob Barker will mark his 90th birthday, once again hosting The Price is Right. To Animal Defenders International (ADI) and many others he is more than simply the man who saves animals, he is a pioneer.

Jan Creamer, President and founder of ADI says:

“On behalf of all the animals of the world, huge Happy 90th Birthday wishes to the legendary Bob Barker, a true pioneer of animal rights.

“Mr. Barker’s support allowed ADI to clear a whole country, Bolivia, of its suffering circus animals and take them to safety – the first operation of its kind in the world. He has also helped ADI to save animals across the globe, providing the support for undercover investigations and exposure of animal abuse and helping to win legislation to protect animals.

“I sat shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Barker in the US Congress, listening to him articulate the plight of suffering animals to legislators, who were captivated. He has spoken out on behalf of our campaigns, including this year our ‘No Fun for Elephants’ campaign, and he has done the same for many others.

“Last year I had the privilege of presenting Mr. Barker with the prestigious international Lord Houghton Award for Service to Animal Welfare for his outstanding lifetime achievements.

“Bob Barker’s philanthropic contributions to animal protection have been vital to the success of Animal Defenders International and others like us. But, importantly, the award also recognized Mr. Barker as a leading and articulate voice for suffering animals in the world.

“From calling for pets to be neutered every day he hosted The Price is Right, to backing measures to protect them, animals could not have a finer voice.

“Happy Birthday and on behalf of the animals of the world thank you, Bob Barker.”


Film and photographs of animals in circuses are available from ADI.

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