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Anne the elephant to remain alone

Posted: 5 March 2014. Updated: 5 March 2014

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has welcomed the good news that after a three-year wait, Anne the abused ex-circus elephant will finally be given her own accommodation at Longleat Safari & Adventure Park. However, we are dismayed to hear that Longleat has scrapped plans for an elephant sanctuary and Anne will remain alone, without the company of other elephants, for the rest of her life.

Anne the elephant was saved from Bobby Roberts’ Circus, after ADI investigators released footage of her being beaten while chained to the ground, in 2011. Roberts was subsequently convicted of cruelty to Anne in 2012. She had been moved to Longleat in 2011.

The public shock over the cruelty towards Anne prompted many donations for her to be given a new life, and Longleat received a reported £335,000 for Anne. The adventure park promised to build an elephant sanctuary, which would have provided other elephants for Anne to have companionship of her own kind, an essential need for these family-loving animals.

ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer, “Although we welcome any improvement in Anne’s accommodation and environment, we hope that by the time it is completed it will not be too late for Anne. It is tragic that three years have passed and now it is being confirmed that Anne will remain alone for the rest of her life. The chance of giving Anne companionship appears to have been missed.”

The British Government has promised a ban on the use of wild animal circuses by 2015, and a bill has been prepared – while the Government prevaricates, other animals like Anne will lead lives of pain and desperation.


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ADI footage exposing Anne’s brutal treatment at the winter quarters of Bobby Roberts Super Circus, 2011

ADI comments on the outcome of Anne the elephant trial and concern for lack of companion

ADI concern for Longleat’s continued use of the ‘elephant hook’ on Anne

Longleat June 20, 2011: “Whilst we are in this early rehabilitation process Anne is being assessed and it is felt that is not suitable to introduce any other elephants to Anne at this stage. However this is something we are looking at in the longer term as an essential part of her rehabilitation”

Just Giving appeal for Longleat elephant sanctuary to support the physical and behavioural care of Anne and other elephants in a similar position totals over £335,000

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