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Air France Last Passenger Airline to Ship Monkeys for Tests After China Southern Airlines Pulls Out

Posted: 28 March 2014. Updated: 28 March 2014

Air France is now the only passenger airline transporting monkeys to laboratories around the world after China Southern Airlines confirmed that it will no longer transport monkeys destined for experiments.

ADI President, Jan Creamer: “We welcome news that China Southern Airlines has stopped flying monkeys to laboratories. Monkeys suffer terribly during their journey from forest to laboratory. Air France is now the last passenger airline supplying monkeys for cruel and scientifically outdated tests, and we call on them to follow China Southern Airlines’ lead.”

ADI recently revealed undercover footage of a monkey farm in Mauritius, a major supplier of monkeys to laboratories. Workers swung screaming monkeys by their tails, tore babies from the arms of their desperate mothers, pinned down conscious baby monkeys and tattooed them without anesthetic, manhandled a heavily pregnant female, and injected others in their eyelids.

The trade in monkeys for experiments is extremely cruel. Monkeys are snatched from the forests of Mauritius to stock breeding farms, or are shipped directly to laboratories. Individuals are locked in tiny boxes and ADI’s investigation of Biodia, Mauritius, revealed that some monkeys had been flown on trips of over 10,000 miles to US laboratories. Biodia currently supplies 300-600 monkeys to US laboratories every year. ADI is opposing plans by Biodia’s US trading partner to set up a colony of Mauritian monkeys in Labelle, Florida. Air France is now the only passenger airline that continues to fly monkeys to laboratories.


  • {link:}ADI investigation of Biodia, Mauritius{/link


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