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Netherlands to ban wild animals in circuses

Posted: 15 December 2014

As world opinion turns against the use of animals in circuses, the UK must finally act or can no longer call itself a progressive country when it comes to animal welfare

Signalling a sea change in public attitudes, The Netherlands has announced today that it is to prohibit wild animals in circuses. The move comes just two days after Mexico passed a historic wild animal circus ban, which has been heralded as the beginning of the end for wild animals in circuses by Animal Defenders International (ADI). 30 countries have now passed laws to nationally restrict the use of animals in travelling circuses.

ADI President, Jan Creamer stated: “This is wonderful news from the Netherlands and Mexico this week. The use of animals in travelling circuses is cruel and out-dated, and that is now recognised in legislation in 30 countries. Animal Defenders International hopes that this will be a wake up call to the UK Government to bring in the ban it drafted, and promised the public, over two years ago. We are seeing a worldwide change in what is considered acceptable to do to animals in the name of entertainment. The UK once led on such matters, but is now lagging woefully behind.”

Presented with evidence of the suffering circus animals endure behind the scenes - exposed by ADI in circuses across Europe, the US and South America - members of the public are consistently choosing to avoid animal circus acts and governments around the world are taking action to eliminate the suffering. It is also now widely acknowledged that animal acts provide no educational or conservational benefit and that circuses can thrive without animal acts.

ADI previously rescued 29 lions and other animals as the organisation helped enforce a ban on animals in circuses in Bolivia. The historic rescue mission is the subject of multi-award winning film LION ARK which is currently screening in cinemas across the UK. ADI is now working with authorities in Peru and Colombia to enforce their bans on wild animals in circuses. To date, ADI has rescued 30 lions and many other animals as part of its current mission, Operation Spirit of Freedom.

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