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LION ARK set for Latin American TV premiere in Brazil

Posted: 18 February 2016

Multi-award winning film LION ARK, distributed by ITV Global Entertainment, which charts the world’s most ambitious animal rescue, will enjoy its Latin American TV premiere on Animal Planet this week. For the first time, audiences in Brazil can enjoy the dramatic and uplifting film in the comfort of their homes, following LION ARK’s sell-out screenings in cinemas around the world. Admired by critics as the “feel good movie of the year!”

LION ARK will be shown on Animal Planet Brasil on Saturday 20 February at 22.20.

The screening is part of Animal Planet Brasil’s “RELEASE YOUR BEASTS” season which features a critically acclaimed documentary over three consecutive weeks. Blood Lions screened February 13th; LION ARK February 20th; and Wandering Lions February 27th.

Critically acclaimed LION ARK charts Animal Defenders International’s daring rescue to empty Bolivia of its circus animals. More action adventure than traditional documentary. Following a shocking exposé Bolivia bans animal circuses. Circuses defy the law but are tracked down, animals saved and a joyous finale sees 25 lions airlifted to freedom. A story of bravery, compassion, a country that said ‘no’ to cruelty and how attitudes to animals changed across a continent.

Engaging audiences with its fresh, action-adventure style, LION ARK tells its story through live action interviews as events unfold. Viewers join the animals in the thick of the action, feeling the fear and joy of the rescuers as they journey through the incredible mission.

Bursting onto the scene at Raindance in London, LION ARK has won multiple awards on the international film festival circuit and was nominated for an NAACP Image Award for Outstanding International Motion Picture award.

LION ARK Director Tim Phillips said: “We wanted to make a film about a serious issue that people would enjoy and would make them feel inspired, optimistic and even at times laugh out loud. Lion Ark is up close and personal, in the heart of the action; we wanted people to enjoy the story while it delivers an important message, so it is very rewarding that of the eleven awards the film has won at festivals, seven have been audience votes.”

LION ARK captures a key moment in animal protection history, as Bolivia led the way with historic legislation banning animals in circuses and then enforcement that would be followed in four other countries on the continent and is under consideration in Brazil. Right now the story continues with Animal Defenders International, the key protagonists in LION ARK, gearing up to an even bigger airlift of lions from Peru and Colombia. Within weeks, 33 lions rescued from Peruvian and Colombian circuses will be flown to a new life in South Africa.

LION ARK is being screened during Animal Planet’s ‘RELEASE YOUR BEASTS’ series in Brazil, which reflects on the relationship between humans and lions and the struggle for life this majestic species faces around the world. During the special series, LIONS AFRICAN: NA MIRA HUNTERS (Blood Lions Bred for the Bullet) and THE LAST LIONS OF ASIA (Wandering Lions) are also being shown.