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Six more tigers SAVED from circus suffering in Guatemala

Posted: 13 November 2018. Updated: 15 June 2019

Animal Defenders International (ADI) has rescued six more tigers from circus suffering in Guatemala, as the organisation continues to help enforce the countryís ban on animal circus acts. ADI has now removed 21 lions and tigers from circuses in Guatemala; just one circus with animals remains.

Adult female tigers Bimbi and Lupe, parents Itza and Sombra, and their two unnamed cubs, were removed from the circus on Saturday. During the day-long rescue, which ran into the night, the tigers were taken from the scrapyard where they had been living and transported to ADIís Temporary Rescue Centre in Guatemala. They join six lions and nine other tigers already rescued by ADI during its Operation Liberty mission.

The circus had refused to hand over the six tigers when ADI removed two of the lions and nine other tigers back in June, ADI vowing not to leave them behind. ADI is working with the governmentís Animal Welfare Division UBA and wildlife department CONAP to enforce the ban on animals in circuses.

Jan Creamer, President of Animal Defenders International said, ďWe vowed to not let these six tigers down, and we kept our word. ADIís mission is to ensure that no animal will suffer in circuses in Guatemala ever again. With the publicís support we can save them all.Ē

At the ADI Temporary Rescue Centre, the animals have more space than they have ever known. Enrichment such as swinging tyres, big hay bags filled with catnip, and pools for the tigers to bathe and play in, keep the animals entertained and healthy. Such simple pleasures also help build muscles and improve coordination.

It is expected to take several months to complete the documentation needed to take the animals to their forever homes. For the lions, this will be to the new 450+ acre sanctuary ADI is establishing in South Africa, their natural homeland. The first nine tigers rescued by ADI have been offered permanent homes at US tiger sanctuaries Big Cat Rescue and Tigers for Tomorrow, and ADI is actively seeking permanent homes for the six new tigers.

Following this latest rescue, there is just one circus with animals in Guatemala, reported to have 15 big cats. ADI is raising funds to save the remaining animals, and care for the 21 big cats now in their care. Donations can be made here.

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