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Tiger Touchdown: Rescued big cats enjoy their own Su-purr Bowl!

Posted: 1 February 2019

Tigers saved from circuses in Guatemala by Animal Defenders International (ADI) are having a ball in the buildup to Super Bowl LIII this Sunday. Last year these playful tigers were confined to tiny circus cages in Guatemala; some of them were in a circus cage in a junkyard just ten weeks ago.

In the sporting world matchup in Atlanta on February 3rd, the Los Angeles Rams will go head to head with the New England Patriots in a fiercely contended game. But the most competition the ‘Guatemala Tigers’ show as they play ball is a little sibling rivalry!

Watch ADI’s ‘Su-purr Bowl’ video HERE and catch these highlights:

•Jade and Luna make a play for the pink ball
•Lupe, Sombra, and one of Sombra’s cubs huddle around the purple ball
•Bimbi and Lupe go wild for rainbow and pounce on the green ball
•Kumal brings down the blue ball, while Sasha watches from the sidelines

These football-loving felines were rescued from circuses in Guatemala, where a ban on animal acts came into effect last year. Invited by the government to help enforce the law, ADI established a temporary rescue center in the country, with exercise enclosures, fresh grass, and enrichment such as swinging tires and hay bags filled with catnip. Removing them from bare circus cages, ADI has rescued 21 lions and tigers to date. For the first time, these animals are receiving a healthy diet, an environment that stimulates their bodies and minds, and veterinary treatment when needed.

President of ADI Jan Creamer said, “Confined to a circus cage, these tigers never got to run free or play – now, for the first time in their lives they are having fun.”

Most of the animals rescued by ADI in Guatemala will be going to ADI’s new sanctuary in South Africa, while three tigers are heading to Big Cat Rescue in Florida.

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