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2,000 Protest bullring re-opening

Posted: 23 May 2006


On Thursday the 18th May, Animal Defenders International (ADI) took part in a demonstration organised by ANIMAL, ADI’s partner organisation in Portugal, against Touradas, the Portuguese type of bullfighting. The demonstration took place at the doors of Campo Pequeno, Lisbon’s only bullring on the night of its re-opening. Campo Pequeno had been closed for five years for renovation, and its re-opening is seen as an attempt by the bullfighting industry to revive a fading tradition in Portugal.

Two thousand people attended the protest, singing slogans such as: “Bullfight is torture, not entertainment”, and making this the most successful protest against this tradition in a decade in Portugal. Super-model Sofia Aparicio came to express her support to the campaign. ADI hopes that the Government of Portugal will hear the voice of the Portuguese people and the international animal rights organisations present at the demo and ban an anachronistic, cruel and economically unviable spectacle.

The ADI message at the protest was that Campo Pequeno should be used to host events other than bullfighting such as concerts and genuine sporting occasions and not used for animal torture.

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A six-year campaign by ADI secured new regulations in over 160 countries concerning the cross border movements of endangered species with animal circuses.

ADI has rescued and relocated a number of circus animals including: lions, tigers, horses, dogs, a python and chimpanzees.


ANIMAL, founded in 1994 in Porto but conducting much of its activity in Lisbon and throughout all the country, is a partner of ADI in the international campaign to end the use of animals in circuses worldwide. In Portugal, ANIMAL is one of the largest and most active animal rights organisations, in Portugal.

ANIMAL is run by Miguel Moutinho, its Executive Director.

Contact details are:

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