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Pet Fair Ban Welcomed

Posted: 3 November 2006

Animal Defenders International (ADI) commends the Government for the proposal it has made to ban commercial trading at pet fairs in the new animal welfare bill which comes into force next year.

Animals, including wildlife such as birds, reptiles and fish (many wild caught) are sold in markets for the pet trade. These animals suffer significantly in often appalling conditions whilst being transported extensively across the country. The stress inflicted on the animals makes them vulnerable to illness and disease and many die before they reach their destination. In addition, the capture, importation and sale of wild caught species is a significant factor in habitat loss.

The announcement made by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) on October 6th 2006 is a significant advance for animal welfare and will help to prevent the suffering of thousands of animals. Animal Defenders International (ADI) joins other animal welfare organisations such as the Animal Protection Agency (APA) in welcoming this announcement and looks forward to the Bill gaining Royal Assent.

It is important to show the government that this announcement is a decision welcomed by people who care about animals. Please show your support by writing to the DEFRA Minister, Ben Bradshaw at Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR, or email:

This ban on the sale of animals at pet fairs will be one of the most significant positive changes made to the Animal Welfare Bill so far.

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