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Tell That Orangutans Deserve Better

Posted: 2 February 2007

In a recent advertising campaign, employed the use of an infant orangutan in order to perpetrate a misconception that humans are the only primates who use tools. Not only is it factually wrong that orangutans do not use tools, it is cruel and unethical to exploit Great Apes in the name of entertainment.

Great Apes who end up in the entertainment industry are literally torn from their mothers at birth, when in the wild they would stay with their mothers for over eight years. Infant Great Apes are required to be forcefully handled and are oftentimes beaten by their trainers in order to become submissive. As these primates grow into puberty, they become less manageable and as a result, many trainers will have their teeth removed and introduce the use of shock collars. Alternately, the trainer may take the easy route and simply acquire more baby chimpanzees as they discard the used adults this can be done either through euthanisation or by dumping them at a roadside zoo.

What You Can Do

  • Contact the CEO of, James Lanzone, and politely urge him to stop using Orangutans as advertising tools:
  • James Lanzone, CEO
    555 12th Street, Suite 500
    Oakland, CA 94607
    tel: (510) 985-7400
    fax: (510) 985-7412

    • Tell Mr. Lanzone that Great Apes used for entertainment are exploited and abused, and that he should accept the moral and social responsibility of his company and stop perpetrating this corruption.
    • Remind him that Great Apes *do* use tools, as they are intellectual and sentient beings who deserve to thrive in their natural habitats with members of their own species.
    • Tell Mr. Lanzone that you will not use his services and will encourage your friends and family to do the same until he stops allowing the use of non-human primates in’s advertisements.

    Sign the petition

    Please sign our online petition urging to stop using Great Apes in their advertising.
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