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‘Monkey’ bid to hit the charts for International Primate Day

Posted: 28 August 2007


Animal lovers around the world are being urged to download the song, “Monkey in a Cage” from its release day, today, to get it into the UK Top 10 by International Primate Day (IPD) on 1st September and help laboratory monkeys.

"Monkey in a Cage” is a powerful protest song written and performed by internationally acclaimed artist, Maria Daines, who last autumn signed up to the Berlin Declaration , which calls for an end to experiments on primates.

Maria Daines explains: “For too many years primates have been incarcerated behind the walls of impenetrable establishments in the name of animal research. Advances in science show that testing on primates is unnecessary. When the opportunity arose to give a voice to the plight of these poor creatures it was an easy song to write, just imagine you are the monkey in a cage.”


"Monkey in a Cage” has been successful on independent music charts and Maria supported pop singer “Pink” at the launch of “Party For Animals World Wide", at Cardiff International Arena, on the 21 August and recommended the track to animal lovers worldwide, who are being asked to download it today to hit the charts in time for IPD on 1st September.

Jan Creamer, chief executive of ADI, said: “Monkey in a Cage” will also highlight Written Declaration 40/2007 which is currently before the European Parliament and calls for a timetable to end all experiments on primates across Europe.
393 MEPs have signed this important Declaration, with a total of 394 needed by 7 September. It is vital that people contact their MEPs before then and urge them to sign the Declaration.”

URGENT!!! Click here to see MEPs who have signed the Declaration and find out how to contact your MEPs.

Advice and guidance for this project has been given generously by a music promoter working with Sting and Sheryl Crow. It is estimated that as few as 8,000 downloads are needed to put the plight of laboratory primates into the charts.

Click here for information on how to download the track.

Click here for information on Written Declaration 40/2007.

1 Berlin Declaration
In 2005, with 25 other groups, ADI signed up to a declaration calling for an end to the use of primates in research. The groups had gathered in Berlin for a congress on alternatives to animals in research. After the Congress, ADI called on other organizations and individuals worldwide to sign up to what is now called The Berlin Declaration – nearly 200 groups have now signed.

The Berlin Declaration states: “Animal protection organisations and scientists have united to call for an end to the use of nonhuman primates in biomedical research and testing. We urge governments, regulators, industry, scientists and research funders worldwide to accept the need to end primate use as a legitimate and essential goal; to make achieving this goal a high priority; and work together to facilitate this. In particular, we believe there must be an immediate, internationally co-ordinated effort to bring all non-human primate experiments to an end”.

2. EC 86/609 Expert consultation, NAVS and references therein

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