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Celebrities to do ‘time’ for primates

Posted: 29 August 2007

Celebrity supporters of Animal Defenders International (ADI) are to do ‘time’ in support of lab primates at a photocall in a giant cage in Victoria Tower Gardens, by the Houses of Parliament on Thursday, 30 August at 11am. The event is to promote International Primate Day held on 1st September, which focuses this year on ADI’s campaign to end primate experiments in Europe.

Actress Jenny Seagrove said: ‘It is inconceivable that in this age of advanced technology, primates are still being subjected to the most appalling suffering in the name of science and medical research. There are now so many viable, and indeed more accurate, alternatives that there is simply no justification to continue the use of primates in testing. ‘

Wildlife TV presenter Michaela Strachan agreed: “We are supposed to be one of the more animal loving nations, why then do we still tolerate experiments on monkeys? It’s cruel, unnecessary and time we abolished it. I certainly support medical advancement, but let’s put funds into finding a more reliable alternative to the cruel practice of making one of our closest relatives lives a complete misery.”

Jan Creamer, chief executive of ADI, commented: “Our campaign in the European Parliament to end primate suffering focuses on the distress and inhumane treatment of primates used in research. Kept in the bleakest conditions before being subjected to horrendous experiments, these animals suffer pain and anguish in much the same way as humans do.”

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