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Animal Defenders International

Caged for International Primate Day

Posted: 22 November 2007


Our celebrity supporters Meg Matthews, singer Maria Daines, and “Green Goddess”columnist Julia Stephenson were ‘jailed’ in a laboratory primate cage in London, to mark International Primate Day on Saturday, 1st September.

Julia said: “Animal testing is inhumane, ineffective and out of date. A drug that works on animals will not necessarily work on humans as we are so different – just one example of this are the 80 Aids vaccines which were successful in primates yet which failed human trials. More recently there was the Northwick Park Hospital trial disaster, when six men nearly died when given the drug TGN1412, because it was shown to be safe in monkeys at 500 times the dose. And the arthritis drug Vioxx, which appeared to protect the heart in mice and monkeys, but may have contributed to 320,000 heart attacks and strokes in people, killing up to 140,000: the biggest drug disaster in history”. She concluded: “Animal testing is disastrous for animals AND humans!”

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