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Music for monkeys

Posted: 23 November 2007

‘Monkey in a Cage’ by Maria Daines topped the Indie music chart in the week following International Primate Day after a campaign enabling people to download via our websites.

Maria says of the powerful protest song: “For too many years primates have been incarcerated behind the walls of impenetrable establishments in the name of animal research. Advances in science show that testing on primates is unnecessary. When the opportunity arose to give a voice to the plight of these poor creatures it was an easy song to write, just imagine you are the monkey in a cage.”

Maria’s voice is a rare instrument, with a haunting quality that combines exquisite sound with raw emotion. Through her songs Maria communicates her profound sympathy for animals with undeniable, irresistible conviction.

Maria supported pop singer Pink at Cardiff International Arena in August, and last year released a cd entitled ‘Music United for Animals’, which is a collection of Maria’s music focussing on the plight of animals in the modern world.

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