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Draft Directive to Replace 86/609

Posted: 1 February 2009

Chance to change history as European rules governing animals in experiments are revised after more than twenty years

European legislators have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to influence experimentation across the European Union where 12 million animals die in experiments each year. The long awaited revision of EC Directive 86/609 goes before a European Parliament Committee in Brussels on Tuesday January 20th.

This new legislation on animal testing is now being debated in the European Parliament, and provides a real opportunity to push for all the proposals included in ADI’s ‘Manifesto’ on the revision of Directive 86/609/EEC published last year:

To read our Executive summary of the ADI Manifesto click here…

Following an Animal Defenders International (ADI) campaign across Europe, there is considerable momentum for strong measures to end experiments on primates.

In September 2007, the European Parliament adopted a Declaration co-originated by ADI calling for bans on the use of wild-caught primates and great apes, along with a timetable for phasing out the use of all primates in experiments. 55% of MEPs signed the Declaration, making it the most supported Declaration on an animal protection matter ever.

The Commission have responded to our campaign by proposing that the use of apes and wild caught primates will be banned, the use of primates of wild caught parents, but they have left loopholes and failed to establish a timetable to replace all primate experiments.

ADI will be launching some of our biggest campaigns ever to ensure that this revision is strengthened, and loopholes closed so that animals are saved.
For the first time we have an opportunity to end primate testing in oreder to Save the Primates!

ADI has also put together a comprehensive and updated set of demands following the publication of the Commission’s proposal:

Our key demands include:

  • Ending the use of all primates in experiments
  • Establishing a review mechanism to set timetables to replace animal tests
  • Ending the use of animals in household product tests
  • Ending the use of animals in higher education
  • Commitment to replace animal experiments
  • Data sharing of all animal experimentation data to prevent duplication
  • Transparency and a right to oppose experiments before they take place
  • Centres of Excellences for Alternatives/Replacements

These are far reaching demands. Compulsory data sharing could save 160,000 animals per year and if effectively extended to academic research many, many more.

For a full list of demands click here…

ADI have maintained consistent contact with the European Commission and have even shared a platform with Commissioner Dimas at the European Parliament. We are in regular contact with MEPs and our team will be making Strasbourg and Brussels their second home as the Revision goes into Committee from late January onwards.

Now more then ever we need your help to campaign for the main demands in the revision of the new directive to replace 86/609 on animal research. Please write to your MEP, MP and distribute leaflets and postcards for primates.

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