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International Primate Day 2006

Posted: 31 July 2006


Founded in 2005 by Animal Defenders International, with activity in the USA and UK, International Primate Day is to be used by campaigners globally to highlight the threats to primates. International Primate Day is part of the My Mate’s a Primate campaign: an alert to the four threats to our next of kin – bushmeat, laboratories, pet trade, entertainment.

The theme for International Primate Day 2006 is end primate experiments.

The apes share 98% of human genes, whilst the various monkey species share lesser percentages. All primates are intelligent, sensitive, can solve problems, most live in social groups, and all need interesting, stimulating environments. Many display similar emotions and behaviours to humans. They all have a capacity to suffer greatly in captivity – as we do.

Primates in laboratories are infected with disease, used in brain research and to test products. Some might argue that the similarities between ourselves and the other primates justifies their use in experiments. But this is not the case. In nature, we can see the richness of diversity that just a small percentage of difference in DNA has made. The key differences at the cellular level make a world of difference in laboratory results which can lead to misleading information. And the continued use of primates diverts attention from development of advanced scientific techniques which are the cutting edge of future medical research.
An estimated 1.7 million primates are used globally in experiments each year with the UK the largest in Europe, and the USA the world’s largest user of primates.
It doesn’t have to be like this. ADI funds £300,000 of non-animal scientific and medical research each year – advanced techniques that do not use animals. This includes harmless techniques to study human rather than monkey brains.

Over 70 organisations and academics around the world, including Dr Jane Goodall, have now signed up to The Berlin Declaration, a call for an end to the use of primates in research. Click here for the Berlin Declaration.

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