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Posted: 31 July 2006


Two important Early Day Motions have been tabled in the UK’s House of Commons concerning International Primate Day and animal experimentation. Please ensure that you ask your MP to sign both these EDMs.

We are grateful to Colin Challen MP who has tabled a motion on International Primate Day:

EDM 2633: International Primate Day:
“That this House welcomes International Primate Day on 1st September 2006, organised by Animal Defenders International; expresses its deep concern that the United Kingdom has become Europe’s largest user of laboratory monkeys; notes that the use of monkeys in military experiments has soared by 76 per cent. in the last five years; highlights that the use of non-human primates is an unreliable predictor of likely human effects, as the disastrous TGN1412 has shown; is alarmed by the fact that the very existence of many primate species is threatened by the bushmeat, laboratory and pet trades as well as the use of primates for entertainment; calls on the Government to push for a ban on primates in experiments at the EU level during the current revision process of EU Directive 86/609; and further asks the Government to support the Berlin Declaration calling for an end to primate experiments, which has been signed by over 70 organisations worldwide.”

Another positive Early Day Motion has been tabled by David Taylor MP:

That this House notes with deep disappointment that 2.85 million experiments were performed on animals in the UK in 2004; is extremely concerned that animal experiments have risen in the UK for the past three years, reaching their highest level for over a decade; further notes that the recent TGN1412 drug trial has highlighted the problem of relying upon animal test data; supports the development of new technology such as accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), which allows the accurate analysis of micro-doses of experimental drugs; acknowledges that such a system can replace the use of animals, thus avoiding the problem of species differences, representing a safer method of testing experimental drugs for human volunteers; regrets that the UK has only one AMS facility, whilst countries such as Japan have several; supports the campaign led by the National Anti-Vivisection Society and Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research (LDF) for the replacement of animals in research; congratulates the LDF for funding over £2 million in medical research since 1973; condemns the small minority of violent extremists as unrepresentative of people opposed to animal experiments but supportive of modern medical research; and calls on the Government to increase funding to techniques to replace animal experiments through the NC3Rs centre.

Write to your MP and ask them to sign both these EDMs when they return from the summer recess.

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