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Contact your MEPs to end primate tests: Czech Republic

Posted: 22 June 2007

Write to your MEPs at:

[their name], MEP, Altiero Spinelli Building, European Parliament, 60 Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Brussels, Belgium.

The MEPs who have signed Written Declaration 40/2007 on experiments on primates already are denoted by this symbol:

We update this information as regularly as possible. If your MEP tells you that they have just signed, apologise for bothering them again and thank them sincerely for their support.

Mr Daniel Stroz MEP
Mr Hynek Fajmon MEP
Mr Ivo Strejcek MEP
Mr Jan Brezina MEP
Mr Jan Zahradil MEP
Mr Jaromír Kohlícek MEP
Mr Jaroslav Zverina MEP
Mr Jirí Mastálka MEP
Mr Jozef Zieleniec MEP
Mr Libor Roucek MEP
Mr Milan Cabrnoch MEP
Mr Miloslav Ransdorf MEP
Mr Miroslav Ouzký MEP
Mr Oldrich Vlasák MEP
Mr Petr Duchon MEP
Mr Richard Falbr MEP
Mr Tomás Zatloukal MEP
Mr Vladimír Remek MEP
Mr Vladimír Zelezný MEP
Ms Jana Bobosíková MEP
Ms Jana Hybásková MEP
Ms Nina Skottová MEP
Ms Vera Flasarová MEP
Ms Zuzana Roithová MEP

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