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Posted: 27 July 2006. Updated: 8 March 2013


“My Mate’s a Primate” is a campaign to highlight the exploitation of our animal cousins. It is now time to put right a terrible wrong – to recognise that we are not alone.

The other species who share this planet are not less than us – just different. They share our love of their life and suffer the travails of life on earth as we do. In the case of primates, they aren’t just our mates ....... they’re part of the family. Please help us protect them.

My Mate’s a Primate highlights and aims to end four ways in which primates are threatened or exploited: as bushmeat; in entertainment; the pet trade; and in experiments.

Find out the facts - download the My Mate’s a Primate Report

International Primate Day
Founded in 2005 by ADI and taking place on September 1st each year, International Primate Day is an opportunity for campaigners all over the world to highlight the abuse of our closest animal cousins.


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