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Kodak gets a friend

Posted: 17 July 2009. Updated: 16 January 2013


Kodak the capuchin monkey, who ADI supporters helped save from the pet trade, is adapting well to his wonderful new life at Wild Futures’ Monkey Sanctuary Cornwall. Most importantly, after years alone, he is now enjoying the companionship of his own kind.

It was decided to introduce Kodak slowly to the other capuchins to ensure that he would be accepted. His first companion has been Joey, a gentle male with a lust for life. Joey endured a similar start in life to Kodak; torn from the wild then kept alone in a small cage in London. Due to poor diet, and a lack of natural light, Joey tragically developed a number of physical ailments including a curved spine, displaced hips and problems with his mouth. Yet, despite his suffering Joey retains a gentle and positive nature, and is an excellent first companion for Kodak.

From the outset, Kodak immediately took to his new companion with great excitement; initially he was even a little rough with his delicate friend. Nevertheless, the introduction was successful, and gave a glimpse of what is developing into a great friendship. At the next meeting, Joey quickly asserted himself and Kodak responded, with the two little monkeys going on to enjoy a playful rough and tumble, on Joey’s terms.

Subsequent meetings have all gone well, and it is hoped that over time Kodak and Joey will be introduced to the other capuchins. Eventually they can be integrated into a new family group, to enjoy a full and happy life for potentially, another 30 years or more.

It is hard to imagine just how much this means to these small monkeys whose lives have now been transformed.

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