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Help ADI save the Bolivian Circus Animals

Posted: 4 January 2010. Updated: 6 August 2010


Weve secured a ban on ALL animal circuses in Bolivia, now help us save the animals as the circuses go animal-free.

Following the ban, the first Bolivian circus has gone animal free and the animals have been handed to ADI. Five lions, three males and two females and a Hamadryas baboon from Circo Abuhadba are on their way to freedom.

President Morales gave the circuses one year to go animal free in order to adjust to the new legislation, and in doing so ADI have risen to the challenge of rescuing and relocating those in need.

Some of these animals were filmed during our undercover investigation of circuses in Bolivia five years ago, which led to this ban. We also believe we filmed tragic Tilin the baboon two years before that, during an investigation of circuses in Chile.


After lengthy negotiations the circus agreed to hand the animals to ADI.

We have now moved the animals to a secure location and are building a holding unit where they will be cared for whilst we arrange to move them to a permanent home. In November, the ADI team including vet, Dr. Mel Richardson gave the animals a thorough health exam and gave them the vaccinations required for the journey that will change their lives forever. Although their ages vary, the lions and baboon are in relatively good health. The animals will go to the wonderful Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Sanctuary in California, where we are funding construction of a new enclosure and will support the animals for the rest of their lives.

These animals have led a terrible life now lets give them the future they deserve.

It is also important to show Bolivia and other governments that when we campaign for a ban, ADI will follow through and help with any animals that need rehoming.

We currently have legislation or measures to ban animal circuses under consideration in Brazil, Colombia, Peru, the UK, Portugal and Greece its vital we show our commitment to help ensure such measures are effectively implemented.


Help us help them

A rescue like this is extremely complex and costly. It could be months before all of the permits are in place to move the animals although we are working to do this as quickly as possible. Our team in Bolivia are feeding and caring for the animals, but we need to ensure veterinary visits and we are having to construct a temporary pen.

Please help us save these wonderful animals and bring them to a new life in California. We urgently need funds: To feed and care for the animals, for veterinary care, for the new holding facility in Bolivia, and for the journey to the US and the permanent enclosure where they will run free in California for the remainder of their lives. PLEASE SEND A DONATION TODAY!

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