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Posted: 27 April 2010. Updated: 26 September 2017

To end circus animal suffering.

Congressional briefings to support a ban on the use of wild animals in traveling circuses (2014)

Why the keeping of wild animals in traveling circuses compromises the welfare of the animals and public safety.

OUT OF CONTROL? Report. A Parliamentary Briefing: Wild Animals in Circuses, 2011

Regulation & licensing of animals in circuses. Options to ban the use of wild animals in circuses.

Briefing on Ministerial Announcement on Performing Wild Animals in Circuses (2011)

ADIís briefing on the recent Governmentís announcement on wild animals in circuses provides evidence that there is no pending EU legal challenge against the Austrian law banning wild animals in circuses.

Report of an investigation of the use of non-domesticated species (elephants) at The Great British Circus in 2009

This report is based on the findings of an ADI investigation of the use of three elephants imported from Germany to tour with the Great British Circus for the 2009 season.

Animals in Traveling Circuses - The science on suffering (U.S., 2008)

A discussion of the scientific evidence on animal suffering in captivity and transport, and a study of the use of animals in circuses in the U.S.

Animals in Travelling Circuses - The science on suffering (UK, 2006)

ADI believes, as a result of our empirical evidence from observation data, videotape and photographs, that animal suffering is inherent in the travelling circus environment.

To end the use of animals in experiments.

Primate Testing in Europe (2009)

ADI’s report on the use of primates in a typical European testing laboratory, including supply, transport, testing and the alternatives available.

Response to the statement of the EU Scientific Steering Committee on the use of non-human primates (NHP) in biomedical research (2007)

A briefing paper for Members of the European Parliament discussing current scientific opinion on the issues raised by the SSC, and the scientific basis for adopting non-animal alternatives in biomedical research.

Keep animals out of REACH (2005)

Evidence against the adoption of an animal acute toxicity test for Annex V of REACH on the grounds that such tests have in the past proved wholly inconclusive, and caused severe animal suffering.

Technical Briefings used to shape the European law on animal experiments

ADI embarked on a relentless campaign on behalf of millions of laboratory animals. These briefings formed part of the raft of campaign materials used to obtain the best possible outcome for all animals during the revision of the animal experimentation law.

To highlight the exploitation of our animal cousins.

My Mate’s a Primate (2006)

Evaluating our relationship and behaviour towards our fellow primates.

Primates as pets: Parliamentary briefing (2008)

ADI urges the Government to ban the keeping of primates as pets as their welfare is severely compromised and poorly protected by legislation.

To expose the real cost of fur.

Bloody Harvest - The real cost of fur (2010)

A study of the intensive fur industry, exposing the terrible suffering inside Finnish fur farms.

Fur: A Lifetime

Over two years, from 2014 to 2016, ADI recorded operations at a fur farm in Poland, documenting the life experiences of foxes farmed for their fur.

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