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Fur Stop Campaign Launches across Europe

Posted: 2 September 2010. Updated: 2 September 2010


As fashion designers and magazines were preparing for the European fashion weeks, Animal Defenders International were gearing up to launch a major campaign against the abuse of animals used in the production of fur.

Armed with powerful and moving documentation of suffering in Finnish fur farms alongside a detailed report, ADI’s Fur Stop campaign has since been launched across five countries in Europe, and in less than three week generated a growing support from the public, politicians and celebrities alike.

From Helsinki to Tel Aviv, and stopping at fashion weeks in London, Milan and Paris in between, ADI has partnered with local groups to screen the investigation video and distribute our report, Bloody Harvest – the real cost of fur, which exposes the staggering levels of suffering that foxes and mink are subjected to in Finnish fur farms.

With just a matter of days between launches, ADI produced versions of the report and video in English, Finnish, French, Italian and Hebrew.

ADI Chief Executive Jan Creamer kicked off the campaign in London on February 18th with a statement in The Independent, insisting that “it is no longer acceptable to ignore the suffering, and designers must take responsibility for the way that their fur is produced”. Then we hit campaign trail across Europe, presenting the findings and urging both the public and fashion designers to boycott fur.

The launch in Finland, where the investigation was carried out, was addressed by ADI Campaigner Alexandra Cardenas and Finnish group Oikeutta Eläimille. A screening was then held at the Finnish Parliament, attended by several MPs including a spokesperson of the Left Alliance party, Mr Paavo Arhinmaki, the Vice-Chairman of the Environment Committee, Mr Pentti Tiusanen and a representative of the Green Party, Ms Mari Puoskari. Mr Pentti Tiusanen criticised the lack of action by the Ministry of Agriculture. Ms Mari Puoskari said that a ban on fur farming will be part of the Green Party’s agenda. A written parliamentary question asked what action the Government was going to take to ban fur farming.

In London our campaign received the backing of iconic model Twiggy and pop star-turned-Strictly Come Dancing judge Alesha Dixon. Support from Twiggy during London fashion week was reported across the world: “I am very sad that some designers are still using real fur when the fake alternatives are so effective and so easily obtainable. I hope this ADI report helps the fashion industry realise that these poor animals are kept in such terrible and inhumane conditions. Is it really worth this cruelty just for fashion’s sake? I don’t think so.”

Next were launches at the heart of the Milan and Paris fashion weeks. The launch in Milan was addressed by Helder Constantino, ADI Head of Parliamentary Affairs and co-hosted by Agire Ora, attracting considerable media coverage and even rolling into Switzerland for more coverage. At the Paris launch with Fourrure Torture the media response was a little more muted but we still caught the eye of fashion industry.

To cap off this string of high-profile launches across Europe, ADI attended a meeting in the Knesset to present evidence during a discussion on the introduction of a national ban on fur farming and the trade of fur products throughout Israel. For this we hastily produced a Hebrew version of the Bloody Harvest video. The vote on the Israel fur ban has been postponed, but we are hoping for a positive result when the Knesset next meet.

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