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California bans import of live frogs and turtles for food

Posted: 4 November 2010. Updated: 9 July 2012


The state of California has upheld a new ban on importing live frogs and turtles for use as food, despite pressure from vested interests and state legislators.

ADI presented video evidence of malpractice to the Fish and Game Commission to back their support for a ban. The Commissionís concern was that non-native species could escape or be released, threatening native fauna and flora. This had been challenged by merchants, who claimed there was no threat to native flora and fauna because the frogs and turtles were killed before they were taken off the premises. After receiving letters from six state legislators, the Commission announced a policy review.

ADI video footage, filmed just last year, exposed several market owners allowing consumers to take live frogs and turtles with them, validating the Commissionís initial concerns. We also cited previous destruction to the Californian flora by non-native frogs in 2003.

The Commission voted ďno change,Ē and kept the policy in place. We applaud its decision. The policy can be viewed in its entirety on the Commissionís website here.

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