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Animal Test Figures 2010

Posted: 1 February 2012. Updated: 16 March 2013


The “Statistics of Scientific Procedures on Living Animals” for 2010 were published by the Home Office in July.

The report revealed that over 3.7 million experiments were undertaken on animals in the UK last year and that the number of animals used had risen since 2009 by 101,265 (3%) to 3,642,517.

The statistics provide an insight into the shockingly high level of animal testing in the UK, and calls into question the government’s claims that animals are only used when absolutely necessary.

In 2010, a total of 4,688 procedures were carried out on non-human primates in the UK, representing an overall increase of 10%.

A closer look at the figures also reveals that the number of procedures on new world primates (i.e. marmosets, tamarins) has increased from 619 to 1,103 – an appalling rise of 78%.

Other trends included a 6% increase in the number of tests to produce genetically modified (GM) and harmful mutant (HM) animals, to over 1.6 million procedures. Experiments involving GM and HM animals now make up 54% of all tests, raising many welfare concerns.

Other notable changes included a rise in the number of procedures conducted without the use of anaesthesia to 69%, up from 67% in 2009.

Animal use in universities continued to rise, with a 10% increase in the numbers of procedures for fundamental research.

For the first time since 2008, animals were used for household product tests (24 animals). However, the Coalition Government has since pledged to end the testing of household products on animals (see UK lab rules update).

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